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Volume 7, Fall 2020

Note from the Editor

On the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, at the Get Your Knees Off Our Necks Commitment March on August 28, 2020, organized in response to the racial injustice of police violence and voter suppression, Reverend Al Sharpton declared: Because they came in ’63, we were able to come [...]

Light ‘em up America!

In the middle of a rain storm,snow storm,wind storm,shit storm.Read by lighter light.Make love in the dark, then spark those blunts and butts.Set the drapes and rug on fire, watch it all crumple into ashes of what-could-have-been.Who the hell were Ozzie and Harriet anyhow, right? Light ‘em up America!Burn down the schools,churches,malls,wherever people still gather.Any [...]

Living in this Black Body: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me (2015)

Abstract: This paper is based on a close reading of Coates’ autobiographical narrative, Between the World and Me (2015). It examines the ways in which the author examines the vulnerability of the black body in America. His question “how can one live within a black body, within a country lost in the Dream?” (12) is [...]

In Search of My Mother’s Garden

Abstract: Alice Walker is a Pulitzer Prize winner who has written several best-selling novels and has had her works inspire popular movies. In the work “In Search of My Mother’s Garden”, Walker (1983) explores the lived experience of her own mother through the perspective of African-American women both in the past and present. The words [...]

The Rhetoric of Beyonce’s Formation

Abstract: After its release on February 6, 2016, Beyoncé Knowles’s visual song “Formation” garnered a variety of responses from popular culture critics, scholars, and public figures. If one were to listen to the music and lyrics without viewing the video, the conclusion could be drawn that the song is simply a tribute to Knowles’s southern [...]

One Heroine’s Journey through the Dissertation

Abstract: This conceptual essay applies selected elements from Maureen Murdock’s concept of the Heroine’s Journey (Murdock 1) to characterize the doctoral program experience, focusing specifically on the dissertation process. This conceptual essay grounds a heroine’s journey in feminist pedagogy (Heinrich et al. 352-353) and highlights the often-overlooked role-negotiation process women endure as part of this [...]

The Exploitation and Marginalization of Contingent and Adjunct Labor

Abstract: The present situation within many institutions within higher education is that a bulk of the faculty who are teaching within the Academy are contingent faculty, or non-tenured faculty. The focus of the following paper is exploring the history, rise, and oppression of adjunct and contingent faculty. Adjunct faculty tend to be used as the [...]

Flying by the seat of my pants

Mixed media on canvas, 2017  “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” -Edgar Degas We are living in a visual world, dominated by social media and ever-changing technology. Visual learning and videoconferencing are the new norm. Researchers have found that vision surpasses all other senses, and we are 65% more [...]

Within My Lane

They told me I couldn’t do it Wasn’t made of the right stuff, They smiled sweetly, too sweetly Hinted I stay within my lane. Ma insisted this would happen Said to keep my head bowed down, Eyes on the floor, no hint of thought Happy to stay within my lane. Dad mentioned this could happen [...]

Politics of Breath: Pandemic to Protest

This special section emerged amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It began as a project to document the creativity and innovation that emerged as the world confronted fear, anxiety, and loss, as well as resilience and hope. However, this section took on new meaning after the death of George Floyd. The video of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis [...]


Fearless, 2020Raúl ManzanoOil on canvas, 30”x24” Fearless depicts the resilience of the brave ones to overcome threats, suffering, and adversity to defend and preserve the race’s survival and evolution. Her frightening expression between alive or death energizes the self-rebellious spirit collectively and within to resist evil powers, the unknown and uncertain future. Liberty, in image [...]

No Breath

No Breath, 2020Tamara WhiteMixed media on panel  breathe /brēT͟H/ verb. take air into the lungs and then expel it, especially as a regular physiological process. Breath. Breathe. Health. Equity. Safety. Freedom of speech. Wear your mask, stay inside. Don’t ask why. Yes sir. No sir. Hands up. Don’t shoot. Say their name. The culmination of [...]

Trio of Photos

Trio of Photos, 2020 These photos were captured in the local aftermath of the death of George Floyd. Rioting and destruction reached far beyond Minneapolis, in the name of doing what's right. Trio-of-photos.Heather-M.-SwansonDownload

You are not alone

You are not lone, 2020Terae SoumahMixed media(91cm x 61cm)  This piece is originally about the Black Lives Matter protests which have spread internationally, highlighting the need for a global movement that addresses human rights issues, many with a deep root in racial inequality. The COVID-19 coronavirus has highlighted the impact of continued disparities in access [...]

Gathering, On the Border…

Gathering, 2020  On the Border, 2020 The paintings shown here are about new, curious connections and confrontations between cultures, at a time when globalized living has scrambled assumptions about closeness and separation. Many represent conversations of intimate or philosophical nature between characters. They are encounters of people symbolically crossing worlds. Uncertain Future Above the Fray [...]