Union Institute & University LogoPenumbra is the official, refereed, scholarly journal of Union Institute & University’s Ph.D. Program in Interdisciplinary Studies. The journal is published at regular intervals and dedicated to challenging traditional academic and creative disciplinary boundaries in the context of social change.

Penumbra’s purpose is to promote theoretically informed engagements with concrete issues and problems. The journal publishes socially engaged, innovative, creative and critical scholarship with a focus on ethical and political issues in the humanities, public policy, and education and leadership. Penumbra is a peer-edited and peer-reviewed journal committed to spanning the divide between scholarly and creative production, and to fostering work from graduate students, junior scholars and emerging artists, in addition to more established critical and creative voices.

ISSN 2380-1662

Our Team


Kristen McNutt

Associate Editors

A.C. Panella

Robert Ratliff

Assistant Editor

Liz DeBetta

Meegan Hall

Journal Advisory Committee

Karsten Piep, Chair

Michael Raffanti

Jennifer Raymond

Christopher Voparil

Editors Emeriti 

Jonina Anderson-Lopez (2017-2019)
Marianna Boncek (2016-2017)
Gariot Louima (2014-2016)
Elizabeth Aiossa (2013-2014)
Jon Ross (2013-2014)
John Giordano (2012-2013)
Tiffany Traylor (2012-2013)