Note from the Editor

I want to welcome you to this inaugural special issue of Penumbra, “Exploring Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Studies.” This is, I hope, a start to exploring the rich and diverse scholarship emerging from the Interdisciplinary Studies Ph.D. program at the Union Institute & University. Union’s Ph.D. program brings together not only diverse scholars, but many scholar-practitioners dedicated to pursuing social justice, engaging difference, and/or the creative process. My goal was to create an opportunity to share the scholarship from the different concentrations, specializations, and certificates offered at Union.  I am excited that my proposal was embraced with such zeal by the Ph.D. program and the Penumbra Editorial Team. This issue would not happen without the dedication of A.C. Panella, Associate Editor and Bryon Garner, Assistant Editor. I am very grateful to Dr. St Stewart Burns for agreeing to partner with Penumbra to showcase the scholarship emerging from the Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Studies.