Light ‘em up America!

In the middle of a rain storm,
snow storm,
wind storm,
shit storm.
Read by lighter light.
Make love in the dark, then spark those blunts and butts.
Set the drapes and rug on fire, watch it all crumple into ashes of what-could-have-been.
Who the hell were Ozzie and Harriet anyhow, right?

Light ‘em up America!
Burn down the schools,
wherever people still gather.
Any place you are reminded the meek did not inherit the earth.
Burn all the books and start over.
Make a new history, the old one sucks anyway, right?

Light ‘em up America!
Go downtown and torch the tires of cars,
the tar road,
the traffic lights.
Take back the streets!
Take back the night!
Smash all the store-front windows.
Take whatever you want, it is a free-for-all, after all, right?

Light ‘em up America!
Make a shimmering wave with others listening to the band.
Pulse with the beat,
lick sweat off someone’s neck,
let whomever bite into your flesh,
spark a love fest,
a flesh fest,
a fluid fest,
let everyone drain their veins, make love not war, right?

Light ‘em up America!
Sojourn to the wooded grove,
torch the sacred tree,
smoke the druids too,
the worshipers,
the sacrifices.
Toast marshmallows off smoldering embers of faith,
wash it down with spicy fireball shots,
howl the moon in bare feet, we are all animals, right?

Light ‘em up America!
Take down the whole edifice!
Blaze the federal offices in every city,
create a pyre from the fingerprint and DNA files,
the spools of taped phone calls,
the visas and passports of all those entering and departing,
char the driver’s licenses,
the SS#s, the dental and school records,
get a new smokin’ tattoo and slow roll the burn.