Junk and Treasure

Junk and Treasure


Every now and then

I go through my “junk drawer”

and choose the things I want

or don’t want any more.


Now, here’s a rusty key

that fit an ancient clock

and when the key was turned

the clock would go “tick-tock.”


And here’s a perfect stone,

so round and smooth and hard.

Can you believe I found it

right here in my back yard?


And here’s a little troll,

his hair is blue and white.

And don’t his eyes look almost real…

so shiny, big, and bright?


And look, what’s this I’ve found?

A little soldier boy…

To think I played for hours

with this simple little toy.


And here’s a foreign coin

my uncle sent last year.

I tried to spend it once…

but they won’t take it here.


And look, what’s this I see?

A seashell from the shore.

A crab once lived inside it…

but doesn’t anymore


And here’s a handsome button

It’s green and smooth as jade…

It came off of a jacket

that I wore in seventh grade.


And here’s a magnifier

to look at ants and flies.

It has a tiny crack in it…

but it still magnifies.


And here’s a little ribbon

that’s made of satin lace.

I got it at a Spelling Bee

for winning second place.


I’ll take these things and others

and put them in a crate…

and leave them for the children

outside the garden gate.


For I have kept them many years

and now I set them free…

I know they don’t mean anything

to anyone but me.


But though they might seem useless,

they still could hold some pleasure…

For what I now consider “junk”,

some child may view as “treasure.”