The Powers of Poetry: Story, Symbol, and Incantation

The Power of Poetry Introduction The healing power of poetry has been apparent to many throughout the ages. Arguments to this effect can be made by informed poets at the drop of a feathered quill. The complications we face in life: the suffering associated with failed relationships, sickness, the deaths of love ones, and so [...]

Editor’s Note

  Many an interdisciplinary researcher will question themselves, and rightly so. Altogether, disciplines are merely puzzle pieces, that when combined, lead to a bigger picture. As suggested by Allen Repko and Rick Szostack in Interdisciplinary Research: Process and Theory, to ignore one or more of the other pieces would make for a fairly haphazard puzzle [...]

Junk and Treasure

Junk and Treasure   Every now and then I go through my “junk drawer” and choose the things I want or don’t want any more.   Now, here’s a rusty key that fit an ancient clock and when the key was turned the clock would go “tick-tock.”   And here’s a perfect stone, so round [...]

How to Find a Black Hole in Your Kitchen Table

How to Find a Black Hole in Your Kitchen Table I. My brother’s fourth grade science report: A black hole happens when a large star dies and becomes as small as a pin, but still has the big-star stuff. Its gravity is so great it will suck you in. Even light can’t escape. Beneath, a [...]

Harry’s Last Trick

Harry's Last Trick  1.   The most innocuous way to begin this story is to tell you that I hit a dog.  This happens to hundreds of people every day with not much recourse.  Yet, I had somehow avoided this sad fate for forty-three years.  The requisite guilt was intensified by all of my years [...]

Discourse on Anxiety: An Analysis of Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”

The concept of a rift between men and women has been a social construction that began taking profound roots in the nineteenth century Western conception of what social spheres men and women should occupy. Within the framework of these social spheres, women were treated as domestic caretakers with simple needs and desires while men were [...]

A Review of “Women in the Church? A Historical Survey”

A Review of “Women in the Church? A Historical Survey” Magistra 21.2 (Winter 2015): 51-80   In her article, Women in the Church? A Historical Survey, Magdalena Kubow begins her conclusion with “the argument that women have historically participated in sacramental orders does not wish to eliminate the apostolic tradition; however, it does not regard the [...]

Untitled based on C.S. Lewis

Note: Part of the poems sent are from an erasure of C. S. Lewis’ A Grief Observed (1961).   14.   All reality is iconoclastic. I must stretch the arms and hands of love to the phantasmagoria of my thoughts.   I mustn’t sit down content and worship my idea. Yes, we often make this mistake.   Talking [...]

Successive approximations to the ideal force prescription

“Cop cams are inextricably tied to Taser, by far the dominant supplier, and the company will likely shape whatever the devices evolve into... Founded at one national moment of police angst, the company is using another such moment to transform from a manufacturer into a technology company. From a business perspective, body cameras are low-margin [...]

Trends in Substance Abuse Treatment and Application for Sex Offender Treatment

Introduction Interest in sex offenders and their treatment has been the subject of study since 1886 (Schwartz & Cellini, 1995). Since then, many changes have been made in the treatment of sex offenders. Current treatment for sex offenders includes: cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, behavior modification, harm-reduction, and self-regulation. Specifics in the type and time-frames [...]

Poetry Collection

Moscow’s Rejected Margaritas   Before they found Margarita Nikolaevna, Koroviev and Azazello did most of the searching.   Behemoth did some searching too, but was distracted by altogether too many things to be of much use— chess matches in the park a pawn shop (with a set of excellent dueling pistols for sale) a polka [...]

America’s Drug Policies: What Works, What Doesn’t

Background Our current policy mix is not working the way we want it to. The ease with which drugs can be obtained, the price, the number of people using drugs, the violence on the border all show that. We need to rethink our responses to the health effects, the economic impacts, [sic] the effect on [...]

The Dead Television

The Dead Television   Who Was Jeanne?   I was Jeanne, Jeanne was I, my friends called me Moon Pie, but now I’m dead, deceased, at rest, though I still hate my ex.   My husband Mick, he always won, I’d love to beat that prick, but love I did, I did, as well, I [...]

Poetry Collection

40 Martyrs Church, Aleppo   A deacon points to each saint, identifies well known iconography in cracked French: St. John with his head on a platter, St. George and the dragon, Mary with Jesus and the Baptist, St. Joseph, the Last Judgment, the altar and the pulpit. The patriarch, Gregorius, severe Armenian, as if he [...]

No Place Like Home: Magical Ruralism as Cultural Discourse

Introduction The iconic film The Wizard of Oz (1939) begins with Dorothy (Judy Garland) desperately wanting to escape from Kansas.  At its core, The Wizard of Oz is a film about a magical journey from rural Kansas to the gleaming Emerald City.  This basic narrative of a young person leaving his or her rural home [...]

Mr. Big Stuff

The crackling fire filled the silence among the group of strangers. Shadows danced around the surrounding forest, smoky embers rising into the cloudy night sky. “This should do for now,” said a tall, strong-jawed man. He dropped a few twigs onto the fire and then settled down, pulling his long coat tighter. He cast a [...]

Five Homage Poems

  Four for Shepp   1.   Gatefold album covers of orange inside of which Archie Shepp manifested statements of art, social responsibility, tradition—   serious texts to accompany a serious music a fire music forging socio-aesthetic felt fabulae   2.   poems propounding pleasure and protest (both), a tone propolict, gooey, propitious in its [...]

Kant We Hegel Our Way Out of This? The Problem of People in Postcolonial Studies

  Postcolonial theory has a people problem. By this, I do not mean to suggest those who practice, write, or otherwise espouse a postcolonial perspective on cultural affairs are somehow tricky, obtuse, or otherwise problematic to deal with in professional settings. Even if this were the case, the solution to the deficiencies in postcolonial theory [...]