The Art of Interdependence: Autonomy, Heteronomy, and Social Support in Shannon Jackson’s Criticism of Contemporary Art Social Practices

Shannon Jackson’s critical work in performance studies has led her to a vital connection between the professional “inter-dependence” exhibited by those who make theatrical productions successful and a similar ethic that drives much of the participatory social practice art that is on the rise in the visual artworld. Post-studio visual art practices that enlist non-artist [...]

Beyond Colonization: Polyphony, Alterity, Humor and Wisdom in Louise Erdrich’s ‘Four Souls’

Louise Erdrich’s novel Four Souls presents complex and sometimes surprising alliances. Her characters engage in a discourse well beyond that which can be read as a simple criticism of historical practices of allotment and land ownership. Rather than dichotomize good and evil— although elements of the latter loom large—Erdrich emphasizes relationships, in order to challenge [...]

Steak and Wine

Kate moved as quickly as she could, lifting food from the cart, placing items onto the belt. Several boxes of macaroni and cheese, because she could fill the bellies of the whole family for less than a dollar and fifty cents. Margarine: poison to a healthy body and she knew it, but butter cost ten [...]

The Day Trip

The air outside the car windows already has an early spring tone here: sun-warmed yet not fully soft, still vaguely fragile. If this were home, there would be late forsythia, early daffodils. Instead, trees bright with lemons flash by. In the fields beyond, then suddenly quite close, white blimps float overhead, filming the sky. Heading [...]

The Honor of God with Kierekegaard: A Kierkegaardian View of the Play ‘Becket’

Introduction Using a highly apropos line from the film Becket, I will preface this work by stating that these are only the “clumsy musings of a spiritual gatecrasher.” Understanding nineteenth century philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s stages of existence is not an easy task when examined only through his writings. Thus it can be very pedagogically useful [...]


DAY 3 The last thing I’d heard from them was they would come for me, that they would be here in three days. Today was day three. Then a pop and crackle on the radio. Then a voice. “Gauthier? Gauthier, come in.” I rush to the radio and respond, “Yes?” “Do you have any idea [...]

Tokyo Tropes in Nebulas and Neighborhoods: Five Locations from Eternity to Home in Tokyo

"At one end of the spectrum, photographs are objective data; at the other end, they are items of psychological science fiction." —Susan Sontag, On Photography, p 163 Let’s start in Yokohama at the red brick warehouses that withstood the 1923 Great Earthquake. In my constructed image where three unearthly objects hover in the night sky, [...]

Editor’s Note

The need to translate experience into something resembling adequate language is the writer’s blessing or the writer’s disease, depending on your point of view. That’s why Whitman isn’t sure if what sings to him is a demon or a bird. If it is indeed a symptom of a problem, of life not having been really [...]