A Call Against the Dark

The world is full of propensity towards something, tendency towards something, latency of something, and this intended something means fulfillment of the intending. It means a world which is more adequate for us, without degrading suffering, anxiety, self-alienation, nothingness. However, this tendency is in flux, as one that has precisely the Novum in front of [...]


And Muss saved, rem salvavit,        in Spain        il salvabile. Canto CV you have the story of the shipwreck engrained upon you as the suck of babes from the mother’s womb practically and so forth and the remedy so there all of us are and the conditions of the shipwreck [...]


throw out the lifeline with Giotto’s O at the end of it O O O O that Shakespeherian Rag you know the one brush up your Shakespeare and the women you will wow hum a few bars and the boys in the band will fake it


I give you these mates lively on things as masts casks rigging sails truncheons you mean davits I mean belaying pins boy and don’t you forget it on the briny sea waves on wind and weather boy and clouds

the wreck of the Hesperus

or what’s it called in Humphrey Jennings half-sunk in Thames with the river down and no water in the hoses for the incendiaries ay they drew upon it then for God’s sake there you have the answer Son the celestial city

The Evidence of Things Not Seen

I was. There you were and I was looking at a newspaper with my body in the body of your imagination. The hope of your return kept my blood running through windy plains. I paced up and down a nervous room of frail voices. What if you do not arrive! I assert that you are [...]

Sergeant O’Donnell

For Charles In the photo Your camouflaged face, green-brown, a smile, an AK47. Somalia. In one month, in the bullet-pocked hospital, you delivered eighty babies. All dead. And they called this a relief mission. Who exactly were you relieving? Now, years later, you sit across from me in a chic Woodstock restaurant eating tiny rolled [...]

One Woman’s Journey as a Medical Cannabis Patient

For much of my adult life, I have been a closeted cannabis user. I’ve nearly always kept a small stash of marijuana and a pipe hidden in a safe in the back of my bedroom closet. At the end of many a long work day, after I’ve tucked my six children safely into bed, cleaned, [...]

Conquest Narratives and Social Activism in Latin America

Modern scholars find ample opportunities to critique the work of their predecessors, and in many ways this reflects the mission of the academy: to build upon current knowledge by not only seeking voids but also by designing methods to fill them. At times, in the pursuit for truth it is easy to forget that contemporary [...]

Sam Shepard and Neil Simon: Aesthetic-Moralist Currents in American Drama

…the poet’s traditional function on behalf of society… proposed to make virtue delicious. He compounded a moral effect with an aesthetic effect…. The name of the moral effect was goodness; the name of the aesthetic effect was beauty. — John Crowe Ransom, “Poets Without Laurels” Introduction John Crowe Ransom’s quote epitomizes a coalescence of aesthetic [...]

Yo Protesto! Puerto Rican Anti-Vietnam War and Pro-Independence Protests

The American sphere of interest, per the Monroe Doctrine (1823), arguably inducted several Latin American countries into the United States’ habit of interfering with other countries when U.S. interests were at stake. Paradoxically, as Historian Michael Parenti points out: “Not many Americans could put together two intelligent sentences about the histories of Mexico, Canada, Puerto [...]

Correcting Capitalism: King’s Critique of Economic Injustice

King’s concept of the beloved community formed his ideas about American capitalism, whose excesses he saw as related to the racism and violence he fought against. King embraced Frederick Douglass’s passion to correct economic injustice, as well as the fierce self-reliance of Booker T. Washington, both of whom were King’s role models. The dignity of [...]

The Sneetches: Dr. Seuss’s Critique of Consumer Culture and Classism

Much has been written about the ways in which “The Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss critiques antisemitism and racism. Philip Nel notes that Seuss, whose legal name was Theodor Seuss Geisel, had been sketching out what was to become the Sneetches as early as 1953, when a single illustration of the Sneetches appeared with three paragraphs [...]

An Afrofuturist Africana Womanist Affair

The Sexy Part of the Bible Kola Boof Akashic Books, 2011 It’s easy to assume that Kola Boof’s 2011 novel The Sexy Part of the Bible contains long-lost messages from ancient sages, and perhaps it does, but not in the way one would think. The title, according to an audio recording of Boof discussing the [...]

Nomadic Borderlands

We all have a body; this is obvious. Our lives are structured by our body: When we are hungry, we eat. When we are cold, we cover up. When we are tired, we sleep. Yet how do we actually understand our relationship with our body? Is our body more than these physical indicators? Does our [...]

The Old Yellow Dog

Nathan was frozen. He carried a cold shotgun with mittened hands. He followed the procession out of the woodland of his childhood like a performer in a parade. It was a sad parade, like a funeral parade. The weary men tramped through the brushwood on and on across treacherous uneven ground leaving their tracks in [...]