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Volume 6, Summer 2019

Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Contemporary issues manifest in narratives, driving them to utopian or dystopian conclusions. Barnita Bagchi describes utopia as an imaginative creation of a possible world, while understanding “the fictiveness and the perpetual state of incompleteness that such worlds enshrine.” The state of the world has never been described as utopian, but many might attribute dystopian to [...]

Critical Writing

Engaging in Difference Using Restorative Practices

Six hundred people from diverse backgrounds were seated in a hotel listening to a panel discussing the impact of Restorative Practices in schools. A director and a White woman shared the promising results of a randomized control study; elementary schools implementing Restorative Practices had decreased suspensions (Augustine et al. 1). Even more encouraging, this was [...]

James Baldwin’s Interpretation of Stagger Lee: Poetry and Politics

James Baldwin’s body of work represents a strong example of the intersection between politics and poetry. His keen sense of Black culture and how it bumped into White culture is reflected in his novels, essays, screenplays, speeches, and poems – he knew the context of racism and translated the context into several different art forms. [...]

Black Performance Theory: The Africanist Dancing Body and Transformations Within the Mainstream

Black Performance Theory, a collection of essays edited by Thomas F. DeFrantz and Anita Gonzalez, establishes Black expressive culture as an area of academic inquiry and acknowledges the emergence and dynamism of Black performativity (Gonzalez and DeFrantz 1). In the introduction, DeFrantz and Gonzalez chronicle the emergence and transformation of Black Performance Theory from Zora [...]

Fashion as Protest: Conversant Imagery in Jared Yazzie’s Protest Fashion Line

Protest fashion presents an external visualization of an interior life that should lead to a meaningful dialogue that leads to tolerance and understanding if not affirmation and agreement.  Sarah Maisy noted that “the outfits we choose- or refuse- to wear becomes the front we offer the world…what we wear tells everyone who we are” (Maisy).   [...]

Simone Weil’s Metaxu: Interrogating Truth

Dorothy Tuck McFarland (1983) views Simone Weil as a "writer with profoundly holistic vision of man [sic] and his [sic] relationship to the world" (pp. 168-169). This vision is demonstrated in Weil's use of Attention, Decreation, and, most specifically, Metaxu to integrate her words into a singular and consistent corpus of literature that we find [...]

Art Interrupted: Where are the Indigenous Women?

In my research to better understand the influence of Native American cultures on the art created by artists of the United States, I read about the history of contact between the indigenous people of North America and the ongoing appearance of immigrants from Europe. Through North America's history of interaction between these two groups, there [...]


Church Burning

It got to the point where the town decided they’d just have to burn it down.  There didn’t seem to be any other way to it, though this realization came after many hours of discussion and sometimes heated argument.  The church-elder meeting that Wednesday evening ended with the menfolk agreeing with the Methodist preacher at [...]